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Jennifer J. Young is the author of the children's book The Wishful Penny, which follows a penny along its journey in life, from being minted to visiting foreign lands to a cup full of free pennies. The book ultimately illustrates that we all have value and there is treasure inside us all.

Young was raised in Ridgefield up until fourth grade. She first thought of her idea for The Wishful Penny when she was in third grade, leaving the Woolworth's 5&10 in Ridgefield. She looked down at her change and wondered where the coins had been before they ended up with her. Although she moved away from Ridgefield as a child, her father has lived here since, so she does "come home" to visit from time to time. Young lives in the Hudson Valley of New York and works as an author, food writer, and personal coach.


The Wishful Penny, 2003

--Sources: page and personal communication with the author

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