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Former resident Christine K. Wilson--whose husband, Chip, grew up and graduated from high school in Ridgefield–is an educator who was a special education teacher at both Ridgebury and Barlow Mountain schools. She is the mother of three children, one of whom has Down syndrome. Based on her experience of raising a child with the syndrome, her book, Faces of Hope: A Family Album, is a compendium of black and white photographs of children with Down’s, along with inspirational quotations. “The intent of [the book] is to be a gentle and uplifing welcome to all families of children with Down syndrome,” she told The Ridgefield Press. “A book that helps all family members learn to relax and enjoy the ride. A book for any person touched by a child with Down syndrome.” Of the book, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author George F. Will–himself the parent of a son with the disorder--wrote, “[T]here much room for improvement of the public’s understanding of the aptitudes and potential of Down syndrome citizens....This book, with love shining from every picture, will help enormously.”

Faces of Hope–a Family Album, 2011

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