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Dates: 1923 -2000Dates in Ridgefield: 1961-1970s
fiction, nonfiction, journalism, playsjournalist, columnist, copywriter, playwright, screenwriter, lecturer
Jane Trahey's accomplishments read like those of a half dozen people put together. She was a leading fashion copywriter, the first adwoman to earn more than a million dollars in a year, and among the first to establish their own New York City agency (with such clients as Calvin Klein and Elizabeth Arden). She wrote a half dozen books of humor, including Pecked to Death by Goslings (a novel about living in the small town of Old Gosling (i.e., Ridgefield) and The Trouble with Angels, which was made into a Hollywood movie starring Rosalind Russell and directed by Ida Lupino. She was a playwright, the author of Life With Mother Superior, and Ring Around the Bathtub, both of which were on Broadway. She also wrote cookbook parodies and regular columns for Advertising Age, The Chicago Tribune, and Working Women. She was a leader in the National Organization for Women, wrote and lectured about women and power, and was a founder of the First Women's Bank of New York. She won more than 200 awards for advertising, writing and public service. Born in Chicago in 1923, Ms. Trahey began her career in the 1940s writing advertising copy for men's underwear. She lived in Ridgefield from 1961 until the early 1970s with her companion for more than 40 years, TV producer Jacqueline Babbin. Ms. Trahey died in April 2000 in Kent at the age of 76.

Titles (partial):Life with Mother Superior, 1963Pecked to Death by Goslings, 1969The Trouble with Angels, 1970Thursdays ‘til 9: A Novel, 1980Jane Trahey: On Women and Power, 1983
--Sources: Notable Ridgefielders–Jack Sanders;
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