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For serious foodies, writers Jane and Michael Stern are best known for their “Roadfood” books and for their magazine column for Gourmet Magazine. The couple, who met at Yale University, where they were graduate students, have co-authored more than 40 books. For over 30 years, the couple have traveled every state and tested recipes from all over the country; their books chronicle their experiences dining in small-town cafes. They were the first travel writers to take regional American food seriously. In addition to their food writing, they have written numerous books on American popular culture, including The New York Times best-selling Elvis World and The Encyclopedia of Bad Taste. They have written for The New Yorker, The Atlantic Monthly, and Saveur, where they are contributing writers. The Sterns have won three James Beard journalism awards for their monthly column in Gourmet magazine, which takes readers to the best restaurants in small towns and cities. They are weekly contributors to “The Splendid Table” on Public Radio. In 2003, Jane published Ambulance Girl: How I Saved Myself by Becoming an EMT, in which she describes how she overcame clinical depression by training as an Emergency Technical Technician in Connecticut. The book was made into a television movie, Ambulance Girl, starring Kathy Bates. Although the couple divorced (amicably) in 2008, and while she lives in Ridgefield and he in Bethel, they continue to travel and produce books together, and to maintain their website.
Titles (partial):
Roadfood, 1977Eat Your Way Across the USA, 1999Blue Plate Specials and Blue Ribbon Chefs, 2001Ambulance Girl: How I Saved Myself by Becoming an EMT, 2003 (Jane alone)Two For the Road: Our Love Affair With American Food, 2007
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