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Dates: 1890 -1971Dates in Ridgefield: c.1920s
nonfiction, history, essays, journalism, editorials
historian, essayist, journalist, educator
Distinguished historian Allan Nevins was the author of 50 books, the greatest of which was the monumental eight-volume Ordeal of the Union, a comprehensive history of the coming of the Civil War and of the war itself. Among his many awards were Pulitzer Prizes for Grover Cleveland: A Study in Courage, and Hamilton Fish: The Inner History of the Grant Administration; Scribner Centenary Prize and Bancroft Prize, both 1947. The Ordeal of the Union won the gold medal for history and biography from National Institute of Arts and Letters in 1957; gold medals from New York Historical Society in 1958; Commonwealth Club of California, 1960, and Rice University, 1962; Fletcher Pratt Award from Civil War Round Table of New York, 1960, for The War for the Union: War Becomes Revolution, 1862-1863; and National Book Award, for The War for the Union, Volume 3; The Organized War, 1863-1864, volume 4, and The Organized War to Victory, 1864-1865. He was honored by the creation of the Allan Nevins Chair of Economic History at Columbia University in1965. Nevins was special representative, Office of War Information in Australia and New Zealand, 1943-44; chief public affairs officer, American Embassy, London, England, 1945-46; special representative, United States Information Services, India and Japan, 1965. As an educator, he was Harmsworth Professor, Oxford University, 1940-41, 1964-65; visiting professor, California Institute of Technology, 1937-38, and Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1952.
Titles (partial):Grover Cleveland: A Study in Courage,1932John D. Rockefeller: The Heroic Age of American Enterprise, 1940This Is England Today, 1941The New Deal and World Affairs: A Chronicle of World Affairs, 1933-1945, 1950A History of the American People from 1492, 1965
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