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Dates: 1970 -
Dates in Ridgefield: 1995 -

nonfiction, women's issues

Nina Mohadjer was born in Iran, raised in Germany and has lived in the U.S. since 1933. Nina has a German law degree, an American law degree, and an MBA, speaks five languages and has worked for several years in eDiscovery for class-action lawsuits. She started writing at the age of seven and has always been fascinated by women's rights and life's challenges. Growing up between two cultures made her realize that she was not only bi-cultural, but also at times torn between the two worlds. Realizing how much pressure is on working mothers as she was juggling school, work and her children, Ms. Mohadjer decided to write This Mother's Life about the experiences of a working mother. She calls it "a journey through one year of this mother's life" and said that reading the book is like reading someone's diary.


This Mother's Life, 2011

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