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While ravens may be rare in Ridgefield, Raven's Wing is Susanna Hofmann McShea's trilogy about four senior-citizen detectives who go about solving murders in a lighthearted, often lively fashion. Ms. McShea grew up in Ridgefield, graduating from Ridgefield High School in 1967 and working as a part-time reporter at The Ridgefield Press. She studied at Colby College and worked for the Ford Foundation and an ad agency before taking up mystery writing in the 1980s. Her first book, Hometown Heroes was followed two years later by The Pumpkin-Shell Wife and then by Ladybug, Ladybug. Especially the first two featured many recognizable places and even a few personalities from Ridgefield -- such as "Squash" Travaglini of Ridgefield News Store, and townspeople had great fun seeing who they could recognize (the newspaper editor in The Pumpkin-Shell Wife was clearly fictional -- to find out why, read the book!). The author and her husband live in New Jersey.
Titles:Ladybug, Ladybug: A Hometown Heroes Mystery, 1994The Pumpkin-Shell Wife: A Hometown Heroes Mystery, 1992Hometown Heroes, 1980
--Source: Notable Ridgefielders–Jack Sanders