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Dates in Ridgefield: 1994 –

Ridgefielder Thalia Marakas is the author of If Gumdrops Fell Like Raindrops..., a book of children’s poems published in 2000. The book was illustrated by Ridgefielder Ben Griffin, then a senior at Ridgefield High School. The title was made into an audio book as well. Marakas enjoyed writing poetry as a child, and in 1990, she wrote a poem for her mother for her 80th birthday, rekindling her love for the art. Marakas is also the producer of a documentary called The Tomorrows Children Face When a Parent Dies, released in 1997. The piece aired on Connecticut Public Television and throughout the country. Marakas’s husband passed away unexpectedly in 1995 and she created the documentary to help children, including her own, with the grieving process. She also created a corresponding study guide set for the documentary.

Marakas was born in Greece and raised in Ohio. A graduate of Bowling Green State University, she became an elementary school teacher in Ohio before becoming a stay-at-home mother in Tennessee. She moved to Ridgefield with her husband and children in 1994. In 1996, she started work in television production, and in 1997, she started her on business, TM Enterprises.


If Gumdrops Fell Like Raindrops...: A Collection of Poems, 2000


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