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Postcards From France, a young adult book, was published when McNeill was still a student in high school and spent a year–1994-1995–as an AFS (American Field Service) foreign-exchange student in France. The book originally was a series of monthly columns for The Ridgefield Press while she lived in Valence in southeast France. She restructured her columns into 12 chapters of the book, which chronicles the difficulty of trying to assimilate into a foreign culture, and was reluctant to eat French food and craved American food such as peanut butter and bagels. In time she came to appreciate what France had to offer. Of her book, Publishers Weekly wrote, “Sophisticated and captivating.... Her writing is ingenuous, warm, and most touching.”
Title: Postcards From France, 1998
--Sources: “Journey to France Helps American Teenager Come of Age,” Chicago Tribune, April 16, 1997; Amazon