Biographical Information:

Dates: 1923-1998
Dates in Ridgefield: 1954-

fiction, nonfiction, short stories, journalism
newspaper reporter, columnist

Irene Kampen and her husband, Owen, moved to Ridgefield in 1954 and almost immediately her marriage fell apart. Forced to support herself, she began writing fiction. The result was the light-hearted Life Without George, which became the inspiration for “The Lucy Show.” Kampen graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Wisconsin. Her humourous novels include Due to Lack of Interest, Tomorrow has been Canceled, and Fear Without Childbirth. In addition to her books, her short stories have appeared in such magazines as McCalls, Redbook, and Reader’s Digest. She has also written pieces for The Ridgefield Press, including a column under the pseudonym, H. Loomis Fenstermacher.

Titles (partial):
Here Comes the Bride, There Goes the Mother, 1967
Due To Lack of Interest, Tomorrow Has Been Cancelled, 1969
Are You Carrying Any Gold or Living Relatives?, 1970
Nobody Calls At This Hour Just to Say Hello, 1975
Fear Without Childbirth, 1978

--Sources: Notable Ridgefielders–Jack Sanders; Levittown Tribune obit, February 20, 1998