Biographical Information:

Dates 1927-
Dates in Ridgefield: past resident circa 1971

fiction, nonfiction, journalism, sports, magazine editing
newspaper reporter, sports writer, magazine editor

Of Roger Kahn, The Washington Post wrote, “Kahn is not only a great baseball writer but also something rarer: a great writer whose subject happens to be baseball.” He is perhaps best-known for his 1972 book, The Boys of Summer, which has sold an estimated 3 million copies and which James Mitchener called “The finest American book on sports,” was made into a movie. He has also written about other subjects, including a biography of Jack Dempsey; two novels; and a book about the Marilyn Monroe-Joe DiMaggio romance. As a Herald Tribune baseball writer, sports editor at Newsweek, and contributor to Esquire, Time, Sports Illustrated, and The Saturday Evening Post, he has written often about politics and racial injustice. Five times his articles were voted the best in the country, and he was awarded the E.P. Dutton prize. “Each day I keep kicking the wastebasket and beating my brains to get out one page a day,” he told Ridgefield Press in 1972. In addition, Kahn has lectured at Yale, Princeton, and Columbia Universities.

Titles (partial):
The Boys of Summer, 1972
Joe & Marilyn: A Memory of Love, 1986
The Era 1947-57: When the Yankees, Giants, and the Dodgers Ruled, 2002
Memories of Summer, 2004
Into My Own: The Remarkable People and Events that Shaped a Life, 2007

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