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Dates in Ridgefield: ?-2006

nonfiction, history

Keith Jones, who moved from Ridgefield to Arizona in 2006, is a founding president of the Ridgefield Historical Society and a direct descendent of Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall, the longest-service Chief Justice, from 1801 to 1835, in the Court’s history. Jones is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. His passion for the Revolution led to his first book on the War for Independence, Farmers Against the Crown, of which Connecticut State Historian Christopher Collier said, “I suspect that this telling will remain the standard account of [the Battle of Ridgefield] for a long, long time.” Jones is also a member of the Company of Military Historians and the John Marshall Foundation.

The Farms of Farmingville: A Two-Century Story of Twenty-Three Ridgefield, Connecticut Farmhouses and the People Who Gave Them Life, 2001
Farmers Against the Crown: A Comprehensive Account of the Revolutionary War Battle in Ridgefield, Connecticut, April 26, 1977, 2002
Congress As My Government, 2008