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When a family moves into a 1700 Connecticut house, they are startled to find disturbances they come to believe are being caused by a ghost. The family starts to research the life of the original owner of the house—a woman whose husband left her and who lost her infant child. As they learn how to understand and cope with her presence, they also begin to heal from the difficult circumstances they faced before purchasing the house. This is the story at the root of the novel Acquiescence, and it’s also the story of Velya Jancz-Urban, the author.

Jancz-Urban is well-known for a presentation she gives on the lives of colonial-era housewives, called "The Not-So-Good Life of the Colonial Goodwife." The presentation was developed from the research she did for Acquiescence. She is the author of a children’s book called Whooo Eats What?, which explores the life of a barn owl. She has also worked as a teacher.

Growing up in Ridgefield, Velya Jancz-Urban spent many happy hours in the children’s room at the Ridgefield Library. Her mother was steadfast in her commitment to weekly trips to the library, and Jancz-Urban credits her mother and those trips for her love of reading.


Acquiescence, 2016
Whooo Eats What?, 2016

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Last Updated: June 10, 2017