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Dates: 1944-
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fantasy fiction

In his long career in Ridgefield, Paul Hazel has been an educator, a novelist, and a matchmaker. A native of Trumbell, he came here in 1972 as head of the English Department at Ridgefield High School. A year later Superintendent David E. Weingast put him in charge of professional personnel, and he’s worn that hat for 27 years, searching for and hiring teachers and other professional staff. “It’s about matching,” Mr. Hazel said of his job. “It’s not only who I find capable, but who will fit in with the teachers that are there, who will be a good part of the school community and who the principal thinks is interesting.” Through the years, he’s had a second career: a writer of sophisticated and well-reviewed fantasy novels: Yearwood, Undersea, and Winterking, among them.

Yearwood, 1980
Undersea, 1982
Winterking, 1985
Yearwood, 1980

--Source: Notable Ridgefielders–Jack Sanders