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fiction, mysteries, short stories, nonfiction
copywriter, freelance writer, comic book authority

Super-prolific writer Ron Goulart has written nearly two hundred novels and several hundred stories that have been included in more than thirty anthologies. His novels can be loosely categorized into such genres as adventure, science fiction, mystery (and sci-fi mystery hybrids), novelizations of films, and even romance. Some of these novels have been written under house pseudonyms, including Kenneth Robeson and Zeke Masters, as well as pen names of Goulart's own invention, among them Con Steffanson, Joseph Silva, and Josephine Kains. In addition to fiction, Goulart–who is considered a leading authority on comic books and comic strips-- has written nonfiction works on the history of comics and their creators, pulp fiction, and detective fiction. Readers can readily discern the influence of cartoons and comics on Goulart's typical writing style. He is a recipient of the Edgar Allan Poe Award recipient, and Mystery Writers of America Award recipient. He is married to Frances Sheridan Goulart, also a writer.

Titles (partial):
Death Cell, 1971
Cheap Thrills, 2007
Good Girl Art, 2008
Comic Book Encyclopedia, 2008
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: The Complete Newspaper Dailies, 2009

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