Biographical Information:

Dates in Ridgefield: 2007-present

romance writer, historical romance, novelist, educator, freelance manuscript reader

Thea Devine is a USA Today best-selling writer whose books have defined erotic historical romance. She is the author of more than twenty historical romances; has contributed novellas to best-selling erotic historical romance anthologies and has written a dozen contemporary and historical romantic novellas. For 25 years, she has been a freelance manuscript reader, specializing in all aspects of romance fiction. She has given many workshops nationally and on the local level on why manuscripts get rejected, on manuscript "tune-ups," and on writing erotic romance. Thea Devine is a member of Romance Writers of America, a charter member of RWA/NYC, as well as a member of CTRWA. She has been the recording secretary for the Ridgefield Friends of the Library since 2004.

Titles (partial):
Desire Me Only, 1997
Seductive, 2001
Bliss River, 2002
Sensation, 2004
As Bad As She Wants, 2007
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