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Non-fiction writer, business entrepreneur

Michelle Briody is an author and co-founder, with Nada Jones, of nellandshell, Inc., a retail and wholesale co-op of emerging talent as well as creative, entreprenurial women. Prior to co-founding the company, Briody spent her career merchandising, buying, sourcing and developing products for such retail brands as J. Crew, Levi’s, and Williams Sonoma. Her 2008 book, co-authored with her nedandshell partner, Nada Jones, is a planner which takes the reader “step-by-step through the process of launching your own business.” Briody and Jones have contributed to The Washington Post’s Biz Box, WWD, and Newsweek.

16 Weeks to Your Dream Business: A Weekly Planner for Entreprenurial Women, 2008, co-author Nada Jones